About me

Hi there! I’m Haley Swinth! I’m just a small town Oregon gal who loves people, going to the movies, cooking & eating good food, and taking photographs.

I specialize in Lifestyle Photography - which really means I love capturing you in your natural element. I love recording the wild, messy, beautiful, unplanned, genuine moments that really matter! Imagine you and your lover running along the shore of the coast as the tide is coming in, trying not to get the edge of your jeans wet around your ankles, looking over your shoulder to see the love of your life laughing and trying to tackle you. Or imagine helping your kiddos make homemade chocolate chip cookies at the counter - later seeing them sweetly pressing their noses against the glass of the oven waiting patiently for them to be ready. Pictures that help you remember both visually and emotionally like it was yesterday are a gift and that’s what I’m here to capture for you. You can look back to your photos and feel your warm & happy memories.

Im currently located in the heart of wine country in the Pacific North West, but before you ask.. ohhh yes I travel!! Bring on all the destination couple sessions or elopements!